Backorder report to show qty on hand

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The backorder details report is really good but it would be great to have the column for SOH in this report. Therefore you could easily run down the list and see what is now in stock and can be fulfilled. I checked the 'additional' columns but can't see any way of adding it.

Failing this, is there an alternate report to show this same information?

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  • Hi Dan. See if the Product Availability (Inventory -> Products -> Availability) report will do the job. It has qty on hand column and backorder will be negative 'Available'.

  • Yep, that's useful, but ideally we wanted it to show by SO, so rather than just seeing what product is in we can see by sales order what was backordered (which the 'backorder details' report does REALLY well) but then with one addition of 'stock on hand'.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

    (161 KB)

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  • (see attachment on previous comment for example of current system)

  • We want to do a report in PDF that shows product availability.

    All the other feilds are there in Stock Level Report....but not availability.

    Can you please add Availability to this report?

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6 people like this idea
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