Sort packing lists and invoices by SKU

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I need to be able to sort the items on my packing lists and invoices by SKU. Currently the only options are alphabetically based on product descriptions or by the screen order.

There is an option to sort by SKU in the purchase documents settings but not in the sales process settings.

Any chance this can get added?

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  • I'm guessing this isn't likely to be something added any time soon?

  • It would be great to have sorting by SKU as an option in General Settings.  Some businesses organize their warehouses in SKU order, and a sorted pick list (or invoice) gives them a way to more efficiently go through the picking process.

  • Seems like this sorting feature just didn't get finished with the other tabs and it seems like an easy addition to make it available for everything rather than random tabs.  There is no reason that these documents can't be sorted by any column the user chooses.  IE sorting a Packing Slip by Box.

  • Is there any update on this, Dear? I have clients who are asking for this as well - it is making the Pickers job a nightmare!

  • Crazy that I asked for this 2 years ago and there is still no sign of it. Such a simple thing and it's just ignored.

  • HI All,

    Thank you for your suggestions and votes. Although we are still working on sorting of products by SKU in Pick and Pack stages of sale order on the screen, a feature to sort printed documents has been made available. Similar to Purchase module, your printed Pick and Pack lists can be sorted by SKU, Screen Order, Product name alphabetical order and Stock Locator, Customer Attributes and Screen order.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to get in touch with

    Thank you

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  • This implementation hasn't really been completed.  The Pick and Pack lists cannot be sorted by screen order for whatever reason.  If you are in the packing area and you sort by box, it doesn't save the order when you leave the SO and go back into the SO.

    From Dear support.

    "Please note sorting option "Sort by screen Order" is not applicable to Pick List and Packing Slip, consider using other sorting options listed under General Settings."

  • Any updates on this? 

    Quite unbelievable that this functionality does not exist, surely it's a simple development? 

    All we want to do is sort via SKU!

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  • Once again, hard to believe this is still not an option.Seems like an obvious and reasonable request.

  • Hi Guys, 

    I dont think this should be marked as implemented. This feature is not there. You cant organise the pack. 

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