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Previously, Drafted Quotes which were authorized did not show on the Dashboard under the 'Draft Quotes' tab. A change was made recently so that all our authorized quotes are shown as 'draft' under the 'Draft Quotes' tab. Is there a way to customize the Dashboard so that it only includes information we need and that 'Draft Quotes' only include 'UN-authorized' quotes again?

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  • Would really like to see customisation in the dashboard. 

    The reporting functionality is great so it would be fantastic to be able to present some of the key reports relative to our business on the dashboard...

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  • The dashboard is pretty useless. You should be able to publish graphs etc based on reports. Even better, just integrate PowerBI.

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  • I agree the dasboard is useless... An "at a glance" view of sales volume in units for selected Items would be useful on the dashboard

  • "Purchases" and "Sales" on the dashboard, the information pulled for "Due Date" is the due date of the purchasing or sales invoice.

    Before we get to receipting a purchase invoice or raising a sales invoice, we must receipt or ship the stock.

    It would be handy if this information is readily available on the Dashboard at first glance.

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  • I just started using DEAR but customising a Dashboard is always a plus. I would like to see this as an option. 

    Please also check out my other feature requests that I would like to see implemented:

    Bulk Delete Product Families

    Couriers Tracking Link (URL) for Couriers not available in DEAR

  • Adding a view for Purchase Orders Pending Approval would be helpful in the Dashboard customization. This should be distinct from the Drafted POs view. 

  • I wish the dashboard would stay on the view I leave it on. I like to see what purchases are due in and what orders need to go out, but I have to navigate to that within the widget every time - it would be more useful if it stayed where I left it! 

  • We truly miss the Dashboard from Quickbooks! We are missing the specific numbers in the Key Performance Indicators (not only 30K as displayed now, but the actual number for example: 30.754,10€ ) with decimals. We as a business actually care about specific number, not the rounded-up ish numbers. And why is it not possible to click on the different Key Performance Indicators? Right now it actually indicates, that it is possible to click on REVENUE for example, but nothing is happening?

    And then we miss the possibility to customize. We don't use the Dashboard atm, since it makes no sense and it is useless, unfortunately :/

    I also agree with @Kim Syrups: Please consider to implement, that the Dashboard would stay were we left it!

  • We sincerely suggest that DEAR could make their dashboard more fancy with more KPI metrics from the reports. The reports are very powerful that accommodates every steps of our business. Having the text to true black #000000 maybe a good addition since the text are kind of grey-ish black and looks aged. Some BI reports may also be very helpful to compare the difference between each metrics more visually. Having the dashboard cards set to a specific place might also becomes more user-friendly, once the cache on the browser being refreshed or cleared, the cards need to be rearranged. 

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