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As a wholesaler, we buy and sell based items on unit prices, but for shipping we can only buy and sell shippable quantities based on how many units go in a box, or case-pack. So if 10 pans fit in a box, we can only buy and sell in multiples of 10. But we don't negotiate buying or selling prices based on total price of the case, that is done on a unit basis. 

Having multiple units of measure, so we can keep track of items, dozens, cases, and pallets all for the same item would greatly aid our ability to sell in quantities that are shippable and keep inventory numbers correctly in check. 

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  • Definitely agree that this would be a great feature. If we could purchase, warehouse and sell SKUs by individual, case and/or pallet basis, would assist greatly. Barcode per unit of measure would be great too.

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  • Great Idea

  • Yes great, as we need to be able to take stock of single, boxes and cases - but they need to be linked, and the order goes to our supplier in boxes or cases

  • This would be a huge time saver for us being a winery that sells in dozens, 6 packs, single bottles and a number of other configurations. Please, please, please put this on the agenda Dear.

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  • We need this feature as well! Many of our vendors sell in sub units so a master case will have 4-12 items in a case. These vendors will bill for the sub items while we need to invoice our customers for the master case. This causes major discrepancies in inventory!

    Is this being worked on?!?!?!?

    Does Dear Inventory read these feature requests?

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  • We definitely need this - we buy in boxes and sell in singles.

    One way will be for different units of measure (currently DEAR has UOM but not usable for this functionality), so if you need to order 24 singles, it will order a 1 case of 24 singles.

    Another way is to link singles and parents, so keep everything in boxes as they arrive at stock in, then disassemble them at the point of sale if there are singles available in the parent boxes. 

    This way, when reordering it has the boxes on hand qty (currently DEAR has a similar functionality of what parent items can be made, but it places this figure in 'available', therefore the PO does not work for this, as it sees '0' in the 'on hand' figure)

  • Please can you also have a look at how UOM would link with bulk uploads to Shopify - currently DEAR works with families for this, but families have the same price, UOM would be a multiple of 1 product so different prices. It's more like a quantity variation, as opposed to a family.

  • Regarding price - there must also be a link between units of measurement and prices. If you buy a case of 100 products, and accept this into stock, it MUST update the singles cost price based on the cost of the case.

  • I won't sign up for the service until this feature is available.

  • This would be of great help and could be incorporated into a minimum order requirement per item.

  • Multi UOM is a much needed feature. Here are some ideas on how it could be implemented.

    Each UOM should have a price tied to it.

    'Volume' discounts are tied to UOM or number of UOM.

    Price rules around UOM.

    Multi buy UOM and Multi sell UOM. For example you buy by the pallet and sell by the case.

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  • Another example where this is needed is where bulk purchase orders are broken up for resale e.g.

    We may purchase a Roll of wire and sell it per metre. But currently DEAR cannot handle this situation.

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  • I've requested an update from DEAR again on this on a closed ticket. If I get a yes/no/maybe on specc'ing this functionality, and rough timescales, I'll let you all know - it is a basic part of an inventory system with a lot of requests here so I'd be surprised if they decline.

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  • "Apologies but we cannot provide an status update on this one. Currently our focus is to develop the future enhancement for B2B and POS. I also advise product team about it and if ever this will be considered status will be changed to Planned." 

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