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All of the below is a conversation with Dear. A better system for adding extra costs attributed to the total landed cost is necessary. The current system in my opinion is really cumbersome and not usable for someone who values their time. Service PO's need to be easier to create and then the UI for associating them to POs and SOs needs to be addressed. I'd really like to see a better way of creating service PO's. I also don't see why we are constrained to select a specific entity from our Inventory for a service PO. I should be able to make the line item anything I want as it's completely arbitrary. Absolutely no need to have an inventory item created for every service line item from every service provider. Descriptions vary and I just want the ability to simply type in a custom description of what the charge was for. Tax then get's assigned to each line item. The option (like in Xero) to make it tax inclusive or exclusive would be a handy feature. After the service PO is created, all I'd really like is to have a matrix of all of the other PO's and SO's with a check box so that I can share the cost over multiple PO's or SO's (or simply have a box where I can manually add multiple PO/SO's). Also by doing this activity and authorizing, the PO would have the journal entries from the respective original account to the inventory specified probably on this same screen. In the PO's/SO's that are effected, in the extra costs tab it would be nice to see this reference and even have a link back to the service PO(s) for reference. I think for simplicity though, all of the master setting should take place in the service PO. My two cents. Currently I just enter everything in Xero. Please vote for this to be addressed! Thank You for reading this, Ian

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  • HI Ian,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding cost allocation. The option to distribute expenses is now available upon entering a Purchase Invoice with Additional Costs only. The expense is still tied to a particular Service type item created as a product (you cannot simply enter free text) however the process of adding the expense to existing POs is now streamlined. Please take a look at this article for further clarification .

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please do not hesitate to get in touch with

    Thank you

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