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We regularly need the drop ship on behalf of our customers, so in addition to different shipping addresses, we need different company names to be associated with those addresses.

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  • This will be nice to have; I'm glad to see it's been moved to "planned".

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  • I can use this too.

  • I just inquired on another thread (not sure which is more appropriate) - but we were wondering if/when this feature may be implemented.  It's the only thing thus far keeping us from using DEAR.     

  • @PJ Crane: In terms of a work-around, you can just paste the ship to address into the memo and remove it from template (or simply leave it blank)... so I would not really ever see these as a show stopper. It would be nice to have though.

  • I agree with Camden. I just started with Dear and not even done with my eval. I did try to put some Sept transactions in to see if I the system will work for me. I did have to make some adjustments from my current workflow but none of them are deal breakers at this point.

  • Thanks Camden : In your work around, however - when you go to print a shipping label, etc -- the proper information won't pass through on shipping documents, correct?   (We use Shipstation).  So I don't see a way to tell Shipstation that there is a different "ship to" name.   Maybe I'm wrong?

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  • goooood....

  • Definitely require choosing one company for the bill to and a completely separate company for the deliver/ship to.

    This is not a nice to have guys, this is a show stopper. It is critical for companies that sell wholesale (almost all manufacturers, and a larger pecentage of retailers). Thankful that it is planned, but as it is critical, what is the ETA on this feature?


    Definitely require choosing one company for the bill to and a completely separate company for the deliver/ship to.


  • DearSystems,

    What is the status of this feature, and more importantly how can we get it prioritized to get this done. I have hundreds of potential manufacturing clients I can sell your solution to, when, and only, when they have the ability to bill one company, and ship to completely different company. Please post an update as to where this feature is in the development process.

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  • Any update on this topic? It would be a great feature to have! Thanks.

  • Looks like this has been "Planned" for over a year. Please provide an update.

  • Xero has started work on this feature!

    To maintain good compatibility we need Dear to support this. Please add this functionality ASAP. At the very least please provide an update.

    Thank you.

  • When entering ship to address for Drop Ship orders, we need more than just 2 lines of address. Usually it is:

    Shipping Contact - Phone



    City, State ZIP

    Shipping Method

    Additional Shipping Instructions

    This info should also pass on to the PO once PO is generated. Currently, we put all this info in the memo or email. Very tedious. I have Shipping Methods defined in Dear but nowhere to use them if order is drop shipped.

    Other systems include a shipping method in their sales orders and purchase orders.

    This is especially useful for companies that use their own freight accounts and the supplier merely ships third party.

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