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Imagine I am a wholesaler, selling B2B.

I sell a WIDGET to A customer for $1.00 and to B customer $1.20 and to another etc...

I have several hundred customers and could have dozens of different prices for the same inventory item.

How can I find out what price I last sold that item to A or B or.. customer.

This is a common scenario for B2B sales where competitive pricing does not allow for set Tier Pricing scenarios.

Other systems such as Tidystock and Odoo and Cin7 allow for attaching a specific price for an inventory item and link that price to a customer.

What options are there in Dear to do this.

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  • I think this would be ok. It could get onerous but a straight percentage setting would be good.
  • i too would like this.

    it could override what they would normally get on the pricing tier that they have been set up on.

    not every product would have to be set in, only the products that can increase where we can, or decrease where we need to be competitive but don't want to drop down the entire Tier.

    i would use this for my contract customers where i might have one customer buy heaps of one product and deserves a better deal on that one item than the rest of the customers in that Tier.

  • I have seen this done on another system in a very smart way.

    In the sales generating page they had a small grid down the bottom.

    When you entered in a specific product code in the sales sheet the grid would reflect that customers last 5 purchases of that product showing invoice number and price paid for that specific item.

    You could click into invoice number to pop open a copy of the invoice.


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  • Thanks David Sawicki. That's a great idea. I only wish Dear could implement this sort of benefit. Not everyone will need it. It could be turned on or off in the customer screen or general settings for those that don't want it.

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  • Guys. I've also seen the ancient SAP B1 do this well. Right click shows the last prices by default for the customer in the order. However, you can disable a filter and see all the prices you have sold it for to different customers. Really helps in conversations.

  • Please set prices for every customer on  Custom Prices tab in Product maintenance page

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