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Can you look into adding additional attributes tab for the sale and purchases modules, for customization of those two modules.  This would allow me to customize my Word templates to display and print out the additional attributes for each of the sale or the purchases modules.

There is no current way to identify a Job number for Sales orders.  If not for the additional attributes available for the inventory module, I would find Dear unusable.

This would allow for a great deal of customization for your multitude of customers without having to specifically tailor a solution for each.

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  • I agree.  It will be useful on sales and purchases modeules.

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  • The "additional attributes" feature in inventory is really useful for adding info like case count, carton size and barcodes. It would be good to extend the concept to sales order and purchase order docs so that the user can select an attribute set when the doc is created and this can flow thru to the sub-docs (packing list, invoice...) both on the GUI and in mail-merge prints
    I think this feature was also requested in another thread:


  • Yes! This would be awesome for many uses:

    • Related Job Number (outside DEAR)
    • Delivery instructions
    • Alternative contact details
    • Franchisor Information
    • Additional Pick Instructions
    • etc.etc.
  • Hi all,

    As always thank you for all of your suggestions. We are now in the scoping stages of this development and would like to seek feedback from interested users. Please either respond to this message or schedule an individual session with one of our reps to discuss your requirements. All feedback welcome.

    Thank you

    DEAR Support

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  • Would love to -

  • I would encourage DEAR to add functionality of a dropdown menu to access attributes while building a sales quote or order.  My application specifically revolves around changing freight/logistics carriers:

    Example: customer default carrier is FedEx ground but upon occasion we need to expedite to next day or use UPS or an LTL carrier.  The only way to do this is to edit the customer profile (too much time) or create multiple packing slip or pick ticket templates for each carrier.  We need to populate the requested carrier that will print on the chosen document in the warehouse so that the guy on the floor can initiate the correct carrier.

    The issue is that we can't tell the warehouse to ship via specific carrier because there is not a drop down list when building a sale to choose the carrier.  I know that during invoicing we enter what we call "shipping feedback",   entering the carrier and the tracking number, but this is after the fact.  The product has already been assigned a carrier and thus generated a tracking number.

    A customer attribute could be used to populate the different carriers but we need a way to choose the attribute during the creation of the sales order or quote.  To that end you would need to be able to edit the name of the attribute so that when you enter the order you know that you are choosing "carrier".  It should work just like the credit "terms" pull down only with attributes.

    Hope this helps!!

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  • Very interested in this and would love to speak with someone from your team about our requirements. Please send me an email - 


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  • I also require this functionality. I'd also like to see the additional attributes on the sales order tobe included in integrations so that custom data can be moved (in my case) from Woocommerce through to DEAR and finally through to Quickbooks.

    For example, I have an affiliate program and I would like to be able to:

    1. Store the Affiliate data in custom post metadata in Woocommerce

    2. Have the Affiliate data mapped to a custom field on my DEAR sales order

    3. Have the Affiliate data mapped from DEAR to a custom field in Quickbooks.

    I would also like the option of mapping a custom DEAR field to the Quickbooks Location field.

    Thank you!

  • It would also be nice to have a free form custom field that could show up in the columns of DEAR purchase orders.  When creating a purchase order the field could assign a tag or category within the vendor.  For example I have a vendor that provides both testing and engineering services and also manufacturers product.  I have many purchase orders and the only way to tell the difference between them is to look at either the total dollar amount or open each one to see the contents.  A custom field could be used to help sort this out.


  • I do agree

  • I would like for locations to have additional attributes too: clients which have remote locations sometimes like to make documentation for transfers between warehouses, but we can't store address details per location ... a stock transfer form could be more useful with location additional attributes.

  • One thing that would be absolutely incredible would be to have additional attribute field types that would be of type: "URL" so that whatever was in this box would be an active URL.

    This would open the door to some awesome 3rd party integrations where (for example) you could link from your DEAR sales order to your CRM's quote, etc. etc.

  • Having a custom field on Purchase Orders to use as a "Reference" (similar to the "Reference" field that already exists for Sales Orders) is crucial.

  • It'd be very useful if we can have the attribute fields as date, combo, multi-combo, etc.

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