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Below is my email and a response from Dear that advised me to copy and paste the suggestion on here.


We currently fill serial #/batch # with auto-generated text. So instead of this you suggest to give warning and cancel authorization ?





DEAR Support

On Thu, 19 Feb at 4:57 pm , Sharon <> wrote:

We would like to make a suggestion to see if this can be incorporated in to the DEAR program.


We have found that Inventory Items set to record a Serial Number at the time of Receiving the Goods there isn't any prompt to ensure the entry of the Serial Number isn't missed.


It would be helpful as often it isn't always apparent the items is set for a Serial Number to be recorded and if a possible warning could appear if this field is left blank at the time of trying to Authorise the Stock Received tab that would be extremely helpful in ensuring we have correct documentation recorded at this time.


Please advise if this is something Dear may look at incorporating if possible.




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  • This should be the default method to avoid missing serial numbers by the receivers.

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  • I think this was a miss In the original functionality. It should also check for duplicated serial numbers upon entry.

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  • Has there been an update or workaround for this problem?

  • A setting (in General Settings) to require serial/batch number entry by the user, instead of an auto-generated number, would be a good option to have.

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  • Hello Everyone!

    When received stock, based on your costing method, you will be prompted with a message to enter or auto-generate batch/serial number.

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