Import CSV file for Stock Take, Warehouse Transfer & Production

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I operate a central Warehouse and send out Warehouse Transfer Order to 10 smaller retail chains. Currently, only a small team at our Central Warehouse uses DEAR and we have to monitor Inventory for all retail chains and the central warehouse.

We use Excel (.xlsx) file format to communicate Warehouse Transfer Orders. Every other day, personnel at each retail chain would email us their transfer order with said .xlsx file attached. We got columns such as SKU, Product Name, Stock on Hand (Retail), Qty Ordered, Qty Delivered, Remaks, etc.

Obviously, personnel at retailer would fill QTY Ordered, and we'll fill in the QTY delivered as we make delivery.

Everything DEAR needs to complete a Warehouse Transfer is contained within this .xlsx file, SKU, Product Name, Qty Delivered.

If we're to be able to Import Warehouse Transfer Order Lines from CSV file, like we do with Purchase Order Lines....

We can download the .CSV template; highlight the records from .XLSX, copy and paste special (paste value) to the .CSV file. Then simply upload this CSV file.

And just like that we can save hours of tedious work and reduce errors from repetition.

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  • Love this idea.

  • Absolutely agree with this request. We have a client that operates with consignment model. To transfer stock to a different warehouse (and bin) systematically would mean we could track our inventory in each location.

  • Production is a huge one here - we have a client who manufactures product, and it can have 100's of serialised items within it, currently they will have to scan every one in. If we had export/import (like pick, pack, sales order) then we could pull to Excel,

  • Thank You for implementing this feature!

    Suggestion for Improvement :

    When uploading .csv file at Stock Transfer, Error (no batch number / Transfer Quantity is more than Stock Available) is shown at Upload pop-up and prevents the remaining / correct product lines to be accepted.

    I think it'd be better if DEAR were to accept all product lines (including error) and let User manually edit the batch number / transfer quantity at the Stock Transfer page. (Of course with error present, the Stock Transfer Job cannot be completed, until the line is deleted / edited, so this is fine!)

    This will also allow DEAR to "easily" include Stock Transfer as part of the API and enable uploading of .csv file. (hopefully soon).

    DEAR does not have to write long error message Response detailing every line that is producing error, and we don't have to code our program to correct the .csv file. Correcting .csv file might also be impossible. As mentioned above, the .csv might be correct but the Stock at DEAR might be wrong (perhaps another User typed in the wrong qty last time), simply deleting the line would produce a Partial Transfer List and this is wrong too.

    On the other hand, the suggestion above allow the program to upload .csv (with or without error); and if error is present, let User (human) correct it / find out why.

  • Hello DEAR

    Is there any update on the bulk csv upload for production, ie. Finished Goods?

    We have about 300 batch runs to put through a month, which we need to do at the beginning of the month, to allocate stock to those batches. Then complete them during the month as we go.

    Currently putting through 300 x FG assemblies manually in one go...

    It's not humanly possible - Unless anyone else has a plan in the iinterim??

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