Add ability to have percentage pricing tiers

It would be particularly useful to be able to mark up pricing tiers by percentages, even better if positive and negative. i.e. rather than selling a $6 cost product for $9, you select you want a 50% markup by typing in.

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  • Perhaps try discount rules - you can create rules to give % Discounts, then assign these rules to certain customers and or products.


    What I would find excellent is to create a price level that mark-up up products by % of average cost.

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  • Retail price as a percentage markup above average cost would be beneficial

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  • This would make life a LOAD easier and margins more accurate as they will be live, not waiting for a price update by the user once a month or quarter, etc.

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  • I just started a new thread on Price levels today before seeing this. Quickbooks does it, and I find it so useful, having one main price, and several other price levels based on a percentage of this- its then so easy to look up a particular item, and be bale to tell the customer their relevant price, depending on what price tier they are normally on. Please visit my post and vote for that too...


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  • I cant beleive people started asking 3 years ago and nothing  has been done? It is one of the  main things  i am dreading about making the change from Quickbooks.


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  • Agree it would be very useful to have the option to have a main price tier, and the other tiers could be calculated automatically based on the main tier. Not sure if if helps in the meantime, but the way we have been doing our price reviews is export our inventory list to a csv, then save it as an excel so you csn format it as a table and add forumulas. Then we enter our prices for our main price tier, and put formulas into the other price tier columns so they calculate automatically. Then save the file as a csv an reimport into Dear. Works quite well..

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  • Thanks for the Tip Daniel Millot if DEAR  doesn't sort it out- a bit faffy, but good to have a workaround!


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