Disassembly - Unit vs. Total Cost

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Minor request since I don't use Disassembly often, but it would be easier to enter in Unit Costs instead of Total Costs when performing a Disassembly.  Would save me the manual extrapolation calculation. See below:


  • I've been asked by DEAR to further explain what I'm referring to ...

    My example is below.

    When I Disassemble an Assembly, the cost is broken down equally amongst the Parts.  The cost allocation is never accurate.  My issue is in entering an accurate cost for each Part. 

    First, I have to open a second window to look up the most recent Cost of each Part.  Ideally DEAR would just auto-fill using the most recent Cost of each Part, or by pro-rating based on the Cost of the Assembly.

    Second, which is what my request is for, I must manually calculate the Total Cost by multiplying the Quantity and the Unit Cost I looked up in the first step.  If a Unit Cost column was already in DEAR and editable, I could just enter the Unit Cost and save the manual calculation.


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