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 Hi All,

I have recently started using Dear for my business. I happen to be a programmer as well so i decided to code a helper software to automate some monthly tasks. One of these tasks is processing customer rebates. What we do is add up all the invoices for a month and if they hit a certain level of sales they qualify for a rebate percentage.

What i want to do is post the credit note against the customer and not against an invoice. This is easy enough to do using the web portal proper.

My question is, how would one do this using the apiv2?

The API only lets you post creditnote against existing SALES ORDERS.

I am guess the work around is to post a Service Sale and then credit that with the Rebate value, but this seems messy.



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  • Hi Rulesh, 

    Did you find a solution for this? We also do the same in our business and have just started using dear, wondering how we can process rebates. 



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2 people have this question
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