Access to files after Subscription Cancellation

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If I was to cancel my DEAR subscription, how long does DEAR keep the data stored? 

So far the response I have received from support is that I will no longer have access and to make sure that all reports are run.

But there is alot of information that we store in DEAR, attachments that include Proof of Delivery, copy invoices etc. 

If we were to be audited after our subscription ended, how can I access this information?

  • Hi Sharon,

    If you cancel your DEAR account (monthly plan), the account will be on read-only mode for 6 weeks and after, it will be deleted.
    If you are on the yearly plan. you will have full access to the account until the next payment date plus 6 weeks read-only access.

    Please check our terms and conditions for more information on this:

    Yohan Andrado Antonio | DEAR Systems Support
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