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Feature 1:

Customisable BOM's that can be easily edited during the pick/pack stage. The part substitute feature right now doesn't really work very well. But having a stage in the sales process that brings up the BOMs for each part in the SO, and then being able to scan in the parts that will be used in that BOM would be huge for us and managing appropriate stock levels, and therefore being able to utilise the B2B Portal and website integration much better.

Feature 2.

Allocating stock from orders yet to be received. Even before COVID we placed a lot of stock on forward order and often pre-sell stock before it arrives. Currently there is no way of allocating stock from an SO to a future order easily and seamlessly meaning we have to manage Google Sheets to keep track of current and future stock levels and can never be fully able to use DEAR to its full capacity or as it is designed.

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  • Feature 1;

    Add ing a chexk Box "Allow BOM to be editied through Production Stages" should od the trick.

    Sometimes the sales person or person setting up the Production Order may underestimate the materials used in a custom made product.

    Feature 2;

    The system does have the ability to tell you the quantity of items you short on, I dont see why you need to specically allocate items from a specific Purchase Order.

    I think you could setup a report to advise if you have enough on order to forfill Back Orders.

  • Is It possible to add a feature to the scanner app that slows us to scan a SKU and it tells us how many units there are in any bin location? (ie. bin lcation 1.1a has 24 units, 3.5c has 20 units)

    Also is it possible to add to the scanner app an option to be able to scan a bin location and it tell us how many we should have and what SKU's are in said location for quick reference (ie. bin location 1.1a has sku 30578560900 and has 12 units, also has sku 31478560300 has 10units) 

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  • Can we please have a feature where a report can be run of who picks which order through the WMS app.  Currently, you are able to assign pickers to an order, but once the order has been picked, there is no way of seeing who picked which order (in the log it only says Dear WMS Pick and Pack Application).  It is very important to be able to report on which picker picked which orders, incase there is errors etc.

    It makes the WMS function pretty redundant not having this feature.

  • Enable Complex Purchase to be set to Stock First instead of being locked into Invoice First (basically use the same setup as simple Purchases).

    Cartons don't automatically disassemble the way they do with the simple purchases  until the entire invoice process is completed. This means we receive stock hours or sometimes a day or two (with weekends) before it available for customers to buy In Dear / Shopify. 

    This is such as serious issue for us we have had to stop using advanced POs and are looking at switching inventory systems if it cant be fixed/ changed.

  • Hello!

    Can you please provide an "Export" option for more of the data we are able to view in DEAR? For example, I integrate with Xero, and I would like a report of all of the invoices that are not synced with DEAR. I cannot find anywhere to download and print the full report that comes up on the screen. We would want the "Error/Comment" field included, please. 

    It would also be helpful to be able to export BOMs and other product information. There is no printer-friendly way to quickly print what is displayed on screen. A csv file would be helpful in this case too, or an option to print like we have for the transactions (sales and purchases). 

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

  • Hello, we have a new request.When made fully billed,but received just part of goods, Here, bussiness need to stock receiving in batches rather than all at once. But partial receipt financials transactions will not be generated at this time.At present, users can only solve this problem by splitting an invoice into several parts.

    Therefore, I hope to generate financials transactions when partial goods are warehoused.

    Thank you for your support.

  • When made fully billed,but received just part of goods, Here, bussiness need to stock receiving in batches rather than all at once. But partial receipt financials transactions will not be generated at this time.The user can only solve this problem by dividing the invoice into several parts.

    Therefore, I hope to generate financial vouchers when some goods are warehoused.

    Thank you for your support.

  • Hello, we hope to add corresponding API interfaces to the Receipts and Expense Claims modules in Receipts.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

  • I need some changes in Purchase order template, Instead of unit may i get size & colour/design column in the template?

  • Feature request for WMS: Picking order in WMS app sorted by stock locator. Or a button to sort by category or SKU.

  • A "BOM" typically refers to a "bill of materials," which is a list of all the parts, components, and materials required to create a product. Adding a checkbox to allow the BOM to be edited during production stages could potentially allow for changes to be made to the list of materials required for the product, which could impact the cost and timeline for completing the production. It's important to carefully consider the potential impacts of making changes to the BOM during production, as it can have downstream effects on the production process and potentially cause delays or increase costs. fnaf

  • PLEASEEEEE could we add a field called "GL POSTING DATE" into the reports, specifically the Sales by Product Details report. The only place where that exists is in the date filter "Show COGS Only COGS within date range".  This field should be the date that shows up on the "Financial" tabs on Sales Orders, etc.  

    Currently there is invoice date, shipment date, order date, etc etc, but not GL Posting Date. This would make pulling longer time frames of reporting much easier and easier to reconcile. Thank youuuu

  • Fulfillment of Backorder through Assembly or Production order Rather than only via Purchase Order. If there is a BOM (Assembly or Production), then a create Assembly  or Production order button from the fulfillment of Sales orders

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