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Feature 1:

Customisable BOM's that can be easily edited during the pick/pack stage. The part substitute feature right now doesn't really work very well. But having a stage in the sales process that brings up the BOMs for each part in the SO, and then being able to scan in the parts that will be used in that BOM would be huge for us and managing appropriate stock levels, and therefore being able to utilise the B2B Portal and website integration much better.

Feature 2.

Allocating stock from orders yet to be received. Even before COVID we placed a lot of stock on forward order and often pre-sell stock before it arrives. Currently there is no way of allocating stock from an SO to a future order easily and seamlessly meaning we have to manage Google Sheets to keep track of current and future stock levels and can never be fully able to use DEAR to its full capacity or as it is designed.

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  • Feature 1;

    Add ing a chexk Box "Allow BOM to be editied through Production Stages" should od the trick.

    Sometimes the sales person or person setting up the Production Order may underestimate the materials used in a custom made product.

    Feature 2;

    The system does have the ability to tell you the quantity of items you short on, I dont see why you need to specically allocate items from a specific Purchase Order.

    I think you could setup a report to advise if you have enough on order to forfill Back Orders.

  • Is It possible to add a feature to the scanner app that slows us to scan a SKU and it tells us how many units there are in any bin location? (ie. bin lcation 1.1a has 24 units, 3.5c has 20 units)

    Also is it possible to add to the scanner app an option to be able to scan a bin location and it tell us how many we should have and what SKU's are in said location for quick reference (ie. bin location 1.1a has sku 30578560900 and has 12 units, also has sku 31478560300 has 10units) 

  • Couldn't agree more with "having a stage in the sales process that brings up the BOMs for each part in the SO".  Would need that BOM to show QTY required for the sale and QTY in stock.

    We have a similar issue in that it's very difficult to determine what exactly we're missing to fulfill a sale.  I've brought it up in another topic:

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