Add Cost to Service Items

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ISSUE:  Service Items do not retain pricing and must be manually entered every Purchase Order.

IMPORTANCE:  Automation saves time and prevents mistakes.  It also allows us to track historical pricing and compare suppliers to help manage costs.

SOLUTION:  Have pricing automatically populate for Service items in the same fashion as Stock items.  Add additional 'tabs' under the Service item where this can be viewed and changed, similar to Stock items.  For example, the Supplier tab would be very valuable. 

EXAMPLE:   We have a co-manufacturer powder coat (paint) parts.  Each part has a unique price and therefore, the service itself gets a unique SKU - PC-xxxx, where xxxx is the bare part being powder coated.  Currently, we must rummage through old Purchase Orders to confirm historical pricing, and enter it manually.  There is also no way to track pricing to identify trends, or to compare to other Suppliers of that Service item.

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  • This would save us a lot of time

  • Up-vote! We are having the same issue. 

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5 people like this idea
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