Packing Rules and Automation

started a topic about 1 month ago

Ability to create some Auto Packing Rules for fullfilment


For example:


Product A fits 30 Ctns per pallet

Product B Fits 20 Ctn Per Pallet

Product C Fits 40 Ctn Per pallet


If I get order for:

60 Ctn of Product A

20 Ctn of Product B

60 Ctn of Product C


I want the auto packer to pack as below:


Pallet 1: 30 Ctn Product A

Pallet 2: 30 Ctn Product A

Pallet 3: 20 Ctn Product B

Pallet 4: 40 Ctn Product C

Pallet 5: 20 Ctn Product C


Ability to have 1 product per pallet or mixed products in a pallet depending on rules.


Right now we have to do this manually which is very time consuming

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