Move assignment of Suspend Reasons to Work Centre page and have a simple list of Suspend Reasons

started a topic 6 months ago

The two lists of Work Centres and Suspend Reasons seem a bit disconnected.  Also, it is a little weird that a Suspend Reason can be applied to a work centre with a state setting of Operational.

I would propose that the assignment of Suspend Reasons is moved to the Work Centre page.  For the list of possible Suspend Reasons, I would propose there would be a simple list like the list Product Categories in Settings > Reference Lists, and then when a Work Centre is set to Non-Operational, one or more Suspend Reasons would be checked on the Work Centre listing page to explain why it is Non-Operational.  It also seems like there should be a free text field for a note/comment that supplements the Suspend Reason(s) - either for each suspend reason or one for all of the suspend reasons for that particular work centre. 

If it is desirable to some to keep the ability to apply suspend reasons for Work Centres on the Suspend Reasons page, then I am okay with that.  The important part in my mind is having the assignment and display of the reasons why a Work Centre is Non-Operational, all on one page.

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