Production Module: Do not require Invoice Authorisation to complete Product Run - Stock Received should be enough

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For the Production Module: Co-manufacturing:  

It is currently necessary to complete the Purchase Order *invoice* for the co-manufacturing production run to be completed in DEAR. It seems like completing the PO Stock Receive should be enough for the co-manufacturing production run to be complete and that completing Invoice is not necessary for the Production itself.  

The reason I am asking for this is that the production process is typically managed by the operations staff, including the receiving department. Given the current functionality in DEAR, the production process will not be completed until the accounting group completes the invoice, and often the operations group cannot wait for the accounting group to finish the invoice and in some cases, the invoice does not arrive or get processed for several days (or weeks).

It would be great if the production run interaction with the PO worked similar to the way a Purchase Order works in so far as with a regular PO, items may be received and sold before authorizing a PO Invoice (bill).  Once the PO Invoice (bill) is entered, DEAR automatically and dynamically updates the cost for the stock and updates the COGS for any stock sold.  It would seem the same sort of functionality could work for this case, too.



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