Woocommerce "shipping notes" to populate in DEAR "shipping notes" field

started a topic 6 months ago

Prior to DEAR adding a "Shipping Notes" field in the order screen, the shipping notes from Woocommerce orders would populate in the "Comments" field and then these notes would flow through to the shipping integration (Shippit) and print out on the shipping label. This is imperative as these notes give instructions to the "Leave at front door"

When DEAR introduced the "Shipping Notes" field, they didn't change they way these notes flow through from Woocommerce so these shipping instructions from the customer still populate in the "Comments" field .... and not in the "Shipping Notes" field. The end result is the shipping integration is now looking for these notes in the "Shipping Notes" field and there is nothing there. We now have to manually copy the "Comments" on each order in DEAR and paste them into the "Shipping Notes" field. Extremely time consuming!

I think it's a major oversight from DEAR to add the extra field ("Shipping Notes") but not to direct the Shipping Notes from Woocommerce into this field.

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2 people like this idea
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