Can we have a more evident notification for Store disconections

started a topic 6 months ago

Currently, when a store gets disconnected or the connection is lost, it has to be reconnected in order to have sale in-flows.

But unless checked in the notifications panel or the integration in itself, this cannot be tracked or notified as the store is disconnected.

The problem with the notification panel indicating the store is disconnected is - it wouldn't be that evident given if the account is connected to multiple eCommerce platforms and captures multiple order notifications and other notifications as well. 

Hence is it possible to have a more evident notification such as the subscription expired notification label on account header, so that when the store is disconnected the users would be immediately notified to correct this?

This is quite critical as if the store is not connected immediately, a lot of sales will not be recorded within the day in creating more tedious tasks or wrong forecasting. 

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