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I have a couple of things that I want to raise as features in the future. Kindly see the list below.

1. Ability to scan a shelf and see what is all supposed to be on it.
2. App saves your place in the order list, so if you go into an order and back out you don't have to refind your place, or if you finish scanning an order the app puts you right back in the same location in the list.
3. Good information filtering system for searching (currently good in website, app has no filtering).
4. Notes that Sales puts into the order are very easy to see (in scan gun).
5. Ability to put color coded tags on orders (like Shipstation, waiting for permit?).
6. Strict first person who orders the item gets it rule (hard allocations), allocations in general (i.e. when product is set aside for Cleaver, the orders for that product should not be available to ship.

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1 person likes this idea
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