Sorting Variants on DEAR POS

started a topic 3 months ago

Hi DEAR Systems Team,

Currently DEAR POS sorts the variants out by alphabetical order. However, when it comes to clients selling clothing, the colour would be fine to have it in alphabetical order but for the sizes & lengths, we would like to have the "Small" appearing before the "Medium" etc.

Currently, the only was we can achieve this is by adding "1" or "2" or "A" or "B" in front of the variant option. However, if like one of my clients, they also have an Online Store integration, it doesn't look good at all to have sizes or other variant options to be displayed with a number or letter before it.

Please let me know if there is a way to successfully sort out the variants in the POS, even when the item has more than 1 variant option and if not, hopefully soon there will be the option.

Thanks in Advance,


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