Invoice Date for Layby Sales - needs to be the completion date

started a topic 9 months ago

It has come to my attention that Layby Sales in DEAR POS, once completed, have an Order Date and Invoice Date that is equal to the date on which the Layby was commenced.

eg. Started LayBy sale on 24 November, took three payments - 1 December, 1 January, and 1 February (final payment).

The Invoice Date of the Layby Sale should be 1 February as this is when the sale was closed. I see that the logic in this case should be the same as a Sale Order / Invoice process in back end.

eg. Order Date = date of commencement (24 November) Invoice Date = date of finalisation (1 February).

I would have thought this was pretty standard, but DEAR is dating our sales invoices at the date of commencement which seems crazy to me. Please vote on this so we can hopefully get this change implemented.



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