Product Family creation page - Feedback and Improvement suggestions

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If I was to provide any feedback with the design of the Product Family Creation Page it would have been to have made it appear closer to a Product Creation Screen. It would have reduced the UX intimidation of the function and highlighted only the key differences with the Option Label and Prices to their own section using the side menu design

Quick little recommendation to improve Product Family Name and SKU generation. A lot of users haven't been happy with the suffix choice for the SKU code, nor how the product variant names are generated. A lot of our clients in fashion especially have wanted SKUs to generate from information in the Options. So for instance if there was Small, Medium, Large, they would love if they could be generated as -S, -M, -L SKUS. This could be achieved by adding an additional field for each Option created where you designate next to it's name a corresponding SKU you want it to populate.

In regards to the name, clients have often wanted to have a clear separation of the Family name and each Option name. This could be achieved as a general setting giving the option for Separators to be used. So the Chest of Drawers Product Name above would be generated as "Chest of Drawers - 5 Drawers - Natural" rather than "Chest of Drawers 5 Drawers Natural" for example

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