DEAR POS should be capable of displaying the user processing the sale on the receipt without the need to select the Sales Rep manually

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In DEAR POS, there is an option to manually choose the "Sales Rep". There is then the option to print this. In most cases (I would assume), one would not select their own name in a sale as this is time consuming and does not make sense. It might make sense if you are processing a sale on someone's behalf or if you want to link a sales rep to a sale other then yourself.

In DEAR terminology, the person processing the sale is the "Logged in User" and unfortunately it is not possible to have this printed on the receipt. Should the sales rep be added manually to the sale, it will show. I therefore have 2 suggestions. Both of which would resolve the issue.

1. Add a new configuration option which will add the logged in user as a sales rep by default IF no other sales rep has been selected. There is a similar option relating to the customer.


2. Add the Logged in User to the data which is printable on the POS receipt as this is currently not available. 


Lee Barbara

Scope Solutions

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