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Hi Team,


Please look into developing a feature that links sales order to purchase orders & backorders  - on a fundamental level, ie: visible/searchable from the Purchases and Sales views. 

I see this request was raised a couple of years ago, and there was a positive response from the Development team, however, I've just been told by the support team that this is still not possible. 


By simply having a 'Backorder' feature, Dear acknowledges that, from time to time, we may need to place a supplier order (PO) in order to get the inventory need to fulfill a customer order (SO), and with that acknowledgement, you would expect a reference to the relationship between PO & SO. Further vindication of this functionality is also via your 'Find Sale Backorder by Purchase Order' report.


So, it only stands to reason that these two actions tie together and reference one another in the Purchases and Sales views. Or at least have the ability to do so via Additional Attributes or Work Flow automation.


This functionality will be useful for many circumstances, and for a specific example: our sales orders regularly include a combination of physical hardware that we have in stock and licenses that we need to generate (order and receipt in) as part of the sales order process before we can fulfill and invoice. These tasks of pick/pack/send and obtaining and receipting in license skus are split between different people. I’m trying to use a work flow automation to facilitate this but can’t make it work with the absences of POs & SOs linking: At the pick stage I need to have all SKUs on the sales order (physical items and software licenses), pick the physical items and get a CPU ID number from them, add it to the sales order (Additional Attributes field), then have a Workflow Automation email sent to the next person who can refer to the attached pick slip containing all the information (Customer Name, their PO No., End User details) plus the CPU ID, to then obtain the software licenses (via 3rd party portal).


Problem is I can’t Authorise the pick stage with the licence skus on the order as they are not yet it stock, so can't have a Work Flow automation where a pick slip with all the needed info is sent to the person who will obtain the license skus. Alternatively, I have tried modifying our process to suit, in that, Sales Order is Authorised with the Backorder option, then that same person generates a Backorder Reorder, and via Notifications, an email is generated from that action (to the person needing the information in order to complete the order for the licenses) – problem is, that backorder purchase order, even though solely generated in order to fulfill the sales order, does not pull any data captured on the sales order (no link). So I need to have 4 additional attributes added to Purchases Orders where the person who just entered this info in the Sales Order needs to re-enter it all again (as no link).


Other compromise from doing this work-around, is via Notifications rather than Workflow automation, every purchase order will be emailed to the designated recipient - not just the ones they need to act on.


Hope you can see value in this development request.




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