Adding a "Search Box & Add New" button to Product Details Screen

started a topic 6 months ago

Thanks for keep updating the UI for better experience. 

Currently one of the biggest complaint we have is, if I have to look for the details of several items, I have to flip back to the product list screen, search the item again and click to see the details. So if I have to update / check 3-5 items I have to do this repetitive clicking for 3-5 times. And for just a few items it's not worth spending the time to update via importing by csv.

When I have to do this 3-5 times a day for 3-5 item every time. This becomes very annoying.

Adding a search box with pull down result would definitely help. I hope this can be done on the Sale / Purchase order detail screen as well.


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1 person likes this idea
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