Redeeming of Gift Cards in WooCommerce needs to be applied to a DEAR "Gift Card Liability" account, (not "Sales")

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Our DEAR customers have DEAR Inventory and Xero connected and integrated with WooCommerce, and it can't recognise the gift card redeem at all in WooCommerce, hence it creates a "Manual discount" which is posted (by default) to the Sales account as a negative value.

Ideally we need gift card redeem to be identified as i) a negative line item to a "Gift Card Liability" account or ii) identified as a separate payment type (preferred) that can be mapped to "Gift Card Liability" account.

Basically, the DEAR Integration needs to recognise a Gift Card transaction in WooCommerce.

The administration to repair these incorrect postings in DEAR and Xero is very administrative intensive to the bookkeeping user.

It is our understanding, the direct WooCommerce to Xero doesn't have these constraints or limitations with Gift Cards.

The same or similar request has been raised for Magento 2.0 in

Greg Kelly

DEAR Expert Partner / Cloud Integrator

Coconut Consulting

Melbourne, Australia

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6 people like this idea
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