Capture the Inventory Location for Stock Adjustments and Stocktakes

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Currently dear reporting (and integration to accounting applications like Xero) does not allow for the collection, reporting and integration of a the stock adjustment value by the specific Dear Locations where the loss/gain occurred.  As the inventory system is central to passing of key inventory financial information (Sales, COGS and Stock losses/gains) I believe the inclusion of this feature should be prioritized. Currently a location is entered into Dear for such adjustments but seemingly it is not passed into the reporting and importantly accounting integration modules.

For any company wanting to accurately report profit/loss by location this material inventory transaction information is essential.  We are a retailer of many store locations and capturing our cyclical stock loss by the location is essential.  I suspect a multi-warehouse wholesaler would also like the stock losses to be recorded and captured by location.  

The relevant screen in dear has made allowance for it but it looks like it has never been implemented. See below:


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2 people like this idea
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