Prompt to update shipping when required

started a topic over 1 year ago

Our wholesale customers purchase items through the DEAR B2B Portal. The shipping they are charged is based on the product total. Right now, if they order items and the order comes through to DEAR to be processed, sometimes items are out of stock. Our orders currently come in as quotes from the B2B portal, so when this happens we let the customer know and update the items on their order so that their invoice only includes the items that we are actually able to send them (i.e. we remove out of stock items). Where this happens, sometimes this means that that product total is of a value that the shipping charge should be lower. For us to recognise and update this, we need to review the order and make sure the shipping charge is correct. However, it's very easy to forget this step and overcharge our customers. Is there a way that some kind of prompt could come up to avid this. That is, the prompt is based on the product total change to a lower value that would require the shipping charge to change.

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