Please add the option to set when the COGS is posted!

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COGS are normally posted when the order is invoiced, not shipped. When invoicing an order in July, and shipping in August, the COGS are not getting posted until August, which is really stuffing the reporting up!

Dear suggests we change the setting to make the shipment date the same as the invoice date to overcome this issue... but this is seriously stupid! It is making the shipment section of the whole system totally useless. Whats the use of having a shipment section when it isnt even showing correct data. There is no way to see which orders are awaiting shipment. There have been others complaining on here for over 4 years about this issue and Dear have done nothing about it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD AN OPTION TO MAKE THE COGS POST ON THE SAME DATE AS THE INVOICE!!!! 

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  • Agree that something needs to be done to fix the reporting in this instance. Not sure that aligning COGS to Invoice Date is as easy a fix as it sounds, but there has to be something done within either the reporting logic or the relationship between Invoiced Lines and Shipped Lines to ensure COGS match up.

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