Need to know the time order is placed, not just the date

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Hi DEAR Team,

Right now DEAR only stores order date, not order date AND time. We need to know the exact time that an order was placed. Can we please expand the Order Date field to include the time component?
Thanks :)

  • Phoebe do you need to know this for your processes or just for your system log?

    Probably can't help much if it's for your processes, but if it's for your system logs etc, this can be found in the History section of an SO (and other transactions, customers, etc).

    DEAR might also be able to confirm if this data (date / hour / minute) is available in any of the reporting.

    Open SO > down bottom right, click History:


    This opens an Activity log with date & time (down to the second), details of changes, users/integrations:


  • Thanks for the suggestion Daniel. I'm actually trying to access this data through the API so unfortunately that approach doesn't work for me. I've been in touch with DEAR and they've said that the order time actually isn't stored in DEAR. Thanks again.

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