Price Change Scheduling for Promotions

started a topic over 1 year ago

We sometimes run promotions online (Shopify) and in-store, that are neither a fixed percentage off, nor a fixed price off the chosen products. Rather, we set specific pricing for each item on sale and round it off to an amount that looks most attractive.


For us to mirror this type of promotion in-store means having to create multiple discounts in Dear for each item we want to put on sale, which can become a huge amount of work if you have many items, each with a different discount. You also end up with an unnecessarily large list of discounts in the system.


Please create a simpler way for us to run a promotion with custom pricing for each item and have it change (and revert back) on a schedule we choose. Having the original and sale price visible at Dear POS would be ideal, so that cashiers would know that there is a sale on that item.


Being able to upload a CSV file for these changes would save a lot of time.

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