B2B Portal - Drop down menu navigation

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I think the B2B Portal would really benefit from a better navigation layout. Specifically regarding drop down menus with the category headings.  Currently the sections can only be separated by one category which is frustrating because if people want to specifically look for a product they don't know the name of it can make it difficult to find. For example:

IT industry:

You have horizontal categories of 'Computers, Audio, Peripherals, Games, Monitors'.

Computers would have a hell of a lot of sub-components and there is no way to narrow it down. If you add all the list of components in a vertical column for ALL the categories it looks messy and unorganised without any structure. It would be much better if you could click on 'Computer' and have a drop-down menu that showed narrowed search results for things like 'graphics cards, motherboards, cases, wireless cards' etc etc.

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