Customer Credit Allocation in DEAR

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I would like to see DEAR implement a credit allocation method within the "Sales Credit Note" creation page, that allows the user to allocate all or a portion of a credit to an existing customer invoice.  This will simplify the management of credit notes and credit allocations.

Additionally, I would like to see DEAR change the authorization process in that same "Sales Credit Note" creation page.  Currently, the credit note is not available for use on customer invoices when it is merely 'authorized.'  The DEAR user has to mark the credit note as "PAID" on the "Sales Credit Note" page in order for the credit amount to show up as available for use toward payment of an invoice.  This causes some serious problems when syncing to Xero, as it makes the credit note appear as though it has been fully allocated, despite the fact that it is still available for allocation in DEAR.  An easy fix would be to make the Credit amounts allocatable at the point that it is 'authorized', and don't require the DEAR user to mark it as 'PAID' on the "Sales Credit Note" page.  This would solve the sync problem with Xero, as it would show the amount that has not yet been allocated on customer sales invoices as still 'open' in both DEAR and Xero.

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2 people like this idea
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