Automation - Purchase Module

We would like to invite your suggestions for expanding current functionality of Automation module, specifically covering the Purchase workflows. The Automation module is shaping up to be a powerful tool in helping create operational efficiencies and keeping you and your team informed about important events taking place in your business. Automation module streamlines daily tasks, which when combined, end up costing you hours of time every week you could be spending else where in your business.

Examples of possible purchase workflows include:

1. Request approval of Purchase Order for amounts = or > than $xxxx.

2. Upon receipt approval of Purchase Order, notify xxxx or auto Authorise Purchase Order.

3. Upon creation of Purchase Order, email to supplier.

4. When stock received can fulfill outstanding orders, notify xxxx, Order # can now be fulfilled. When no response received, redirect to xxxx or retry in xxx days.

5. If invoice is overdue notify xxxx.

6. Request approval/notify if variance in Invoice (quantity or $) compared to Purchase Order.

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