Undo a credit note

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Sorry if this post already exist, I don't see any search bar to search the feature request section (what ??!)

It would amazing to be able to UNDO a credit note instead of voiding and doing it again. I have some pretty long CN to enter sometimes and it is a real pain to start them again from scratch!

If this is really impossible, at least an import/export button that we could use for fast recovery/editing the same way we can do it with the PO. Why this isn't already available on CN seems like a mystery ;)

Thank you!

  • update:

    it seems this option is available. I am not sure when as I cannot access it. support told me: 

    This is regarding undo option In advance sales credit Note: 

    Our technical team said that>> "The validation checks and prevents undo/void in case if restock movements in this credit note removal will lead to negative stock on hand"

    So no choice to void in my case I guess.  which confirm the need of an import/export function for those occasions!

    Thank you 

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