Supplier Catalogues Lookup & SKU Create

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Create a Lookup Page in DEAR where a search for items can be made on a "Supplier Catalogue" [ or multiple supplier catalogues ]

The "Supplier Catalogues" could be uploaded from supplier files, but not create SKU's in DEAR unless the product is "Ordered" from the Supplier.

At the stage of ordering from the supplier, the process of creating the Product in DEAR as a "Stock Item" with a SKU could be automated to some extent.

The Product Information and SKU could be pre-filled into the Product set-up in DEAR based on the type of item, and criteria in the suppliers product.

Default Accounts etc could be used, and where needed changed.


Having this system would mean that we do not need to set-up every conceivable item we may sell, or have access to sell. it would preserve the limits on SKU's creation, and assist DEAR in maintaining only data relevant to "Inventory" and "Financial Transactions", rather than maintaining large SKU files of items that may never be used.  

Background - Use of this system.

DEAR Limitations? 100,000 SKU's.

I am currently looking at implementation of the DEAR Inventory System to a client. My only concern is the way this client works is to have all of their suppliers stock lists on their system so that they can look up a part for a customer, and order from the system. This means that they want to maintain all of their suppliers [which are several] catalogues on the system, even though they would never [or be unlikely to] stock all of the suppliers products. Is there a way to implement this in DEAR, particularly with 100,000 max SKU's? 

Currently they upload each suppliers catalogue of parts, so they can lookup whatever a customer wants from their POS system, and order it in from the supplier, for the customer. Their current system will only add the item to stock when it is "actually ordered".

Is this currently possible, without exceeding the limitations in DEAR [ie 100,000 SKUs]

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