Error in Display of Carrier on SALES — GENERAL VIEW screen

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Thanks for the update.


I see this as a program error.


We don’t choose the shipper till when we pick and pack.  It is usually from the header but not always.


Can you put it into your errors / bugs list please




John Gill



From: Avon Roderick <>
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To: John Gill <>
Subject: Re: [#117929] Display of Carrier on SALES — GENERAL VIEW screen


Hi John,


Thank you for your patience during this time. 


The Carrier field in the Sales General view will reflect the Carrier set up in the Sales Header field and not the carrier defined within the Ship tab. As per the current design, the Customers default carrier will render on the view all list. 


However, you can add this as a feature request and our developers will be happy to review your concern. Please follow the link to add the feature request. 



On Fri, 8 Mar at 11:11 AM , John Gill <> wrote:

I refer you to attached.On the General View screen

Order 25225 (last line on attached screen display) shows Couriers Please as the carrier.

But when I go into the order it is showing correctly as Toll Express and the actual tracking number is correct on both screens.


In the order the Carrier/Service Screen is showing "Couriers Please" which is the default on the Customer Master record.


In this situation we normally use Couriers Please but at times use a different courier.


This situation is common with many of our customers that we have a default but use a different carrier.


I am wondering if there is a program error whereby the list screen selects the Carrier field from the customer master not from the actual Carrier field on the shipping line.


This error caused us some difficulty in finding the alternate shipper we use with this client


Regards    John

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