Selling in Singles - Buying in Cases on the PO

started a topic about 2 years ago

We have various UoM, singles boxes cases.

We buy in Cases, sell in boxes and singles.

It would be good if the UoM were used in this way:

Note for this example (1 case = 1,000 singles):

When using the re-ordeing/backordering functionality, DEAR recommends 1,000 singles to be reordered, that gets changed to 1 case in the PO (if that supplier accepts that you buy in cases, which can be set under those supplier settings).

Then in the 'on order' column, you have qty1 for cases AND qty1,000 for singles, as it's the same thing.

Then at check-in, you scan a case, it matches with the PO, Auto-Disassembly works its magic and voila you have singles again, but the order arrived in cases.


Just awaiting my prize for best feature recommendation :-)

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