Shopify + FBA + DEAR Integration

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Hi there!

All is good with our DEAR setup except for one thing.

We have a Shopify store and all orders from that store fulfilled via our Amazon FBA stock. When importing the orders into DEAR, even if the auto pick pack and ship option is selected DEAR will not automatically fulfil the order as also advised by a customer service representative.

Did anyone else have this issue and if yes, how were you able to go around it?

We can't go in and fulfil each order one by one and we also need these sales to be fully completed in DEAR and imported in Xero.

Thank you!

  • Hi Mo,

    What is your setup currently for example? Are you using the integrations with:

    - Xero

    - Shopify 

    - Amazon 

    - Anything else (i.e. FBA ?)

    With that out of the way, can you talk a describe a bit about your use case ?  

    Do you have another warehouse besides FBA?  

    Are your FBA fulfillments basically "removals" of FBA inventory ? A sale ? Or something else ? 

    I think your use case looks as follows: 

    Import the orders into DEAR (from where, Shopify or Amazon integration?)

    Autopick orders not working

    Manual fulfillment needed

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