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I am working with a client who deals a lot in customer credit. Right now I am using Vend as POS, DEAR for Inventory and QBO for Accounting.

Customer Credit

I am unable to accept customer deposit on Vend as Vend does not offer this functionality, and even if I use a service called 'Customer Deposit', any credit taken through Vend will not be reflected in DEAR and cannot be used towards a sale.

As of now, customer credits will have to be entered through the Receive Money feature or when a sale quote is made on DEAR.

Now I am not sure if DEAR POS has this option, but if not, it would be great to have it. I could have my client move to DEAR POS if that was done.

Store Credit is also an issue. When the latter is issued when a return is processed on Vend, it goes to the account Store Credit (which is a bank account) I set up as the payment method for Store Credit. All other credits entered through Receive Money/Sale Quote appear in a liability account I created called Customer Credit.

It would be great if we could have an account mapping (like the Gift Card liability account) for Store Credit.

Also note that Vend allows users to manually issue store credit to a customer - This does not get synchronised to DEAR as of now.

Supplier Credit

This is also an issue. Let me illustrate further.

For expenses (such as meals), supplier credits have to be entered in QBO - We can do it in DEAR through Spend Money I suppose, but a product must be created everytime. Because of this, expenses are more easily tracked in QBO than in DEAR.

It would be great if Expenses could be tracked in DEAR - just like in QBO. That is, no product creation for expenses.

Please correct me if I am wrong about any of the above.

The accounting entries are as follows in QBO for supplier credit:

DR Acc Payable

CR Prepayments

If supplier credit is entered in DEAR through Spend Money/Purchase Order (for products that are tracked with DEAR Inventory), the accounting entries are a bit different:

CR Bank

DR Prepayments

In that case, we do not get a total amount that is not equal to the actual total prepayments.

Not sure how supplier credits can be tracked properly this way.

In an ideal case, it would be great if DEAR had an enhanced Financial module so that no external integration (Xero/QBO) is needed.

Bottom line is, the credit functionality must be improved.

Thank you.


  • On supplier credits - You are not applying the credits which is why your entries look wrong. If you applied the credit, then you would have

    CR Prepayment
    DR Acc payable

    So all you have left is the initial CR Bank, which doesn't have to be that if its a noncash transaction.

     I recommend you read thru the DEAR FAQ.  It certainly addresses this. 

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback Kurt - I will certainly go through the DEAR FAQ. 

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