Ability to change receive date on page: VIEW AND EDIT OPENING STOCK ON HAND DATA

started a topic almost 2 years ago

It is great that there is a way to change the unit cost used for the Initial Stock On Hand import using the page: VIEW AND EDIT OPENING STOCK ON HAND DATA

I have recently run into a business with a vexing problem of having entered an incorrect Received date for the Initial Stock On Hand.  The date was entered one year into the future - a simple typo of entering the expiration date in the received date field.  This has created a situation where the COGS is recognized one year in the future instead of the ship date that is normally used for recognizing COGS.  It was not realized by the business until 1+ month later when reconciling the books. In the meantime, many sales have been entered and fulfilled which will be very time consuming to undo and re-fulfill.

It would be much easier if it were possible to fix this typo by making the Received Date was modifiable on the VIEW AND EDIT OPENING STOCK ON HAND DATA page.  See screenshot example below.  Note that the Unit Cost is modifiable on this example page.



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