Assigning warehouse pickers to SO

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Would be useful if a warehouse picker's name could be assigned to a SO during the process of pick/pack/ship like how a sales person name is assigned to a customer.

Many reports are based on sales, inventory, purchases, financial but there are no reports relating to the warehouse. If this was incorporated then more reports can be generated eg: orders picked by picker per day, week, month


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  • Hi Steven

    Thanks for your suggestion. We are happy to implement additional reports, please suggest layouts or attach the samples of your internal reports you use at the moment.

    Please check our WMS solution . We have implemented zone picking there, every product may have one or many zones per warehouse and picker can do picking in separate zone. We can add 'Picked By' column for every product picked. Please provide more info so we can schedule this enhancement  for development.    


    DEAR Team

  • Hi DEAR Team

    Thanks for your reply on this topic. We are not after anything to complicated but something which will assist with real time KPI

    With most WMS they have the ability to add a warehouse person names to the system like what you can do with sales reps. Once an order is placed into DEAR, a picker can be assigned to an order. When a name is assigned to an order, the sales team or customer support team know that the order is currently being picked.

    The types of report we are looking for is something which shows the warehouse pickers name, the qty orders picked, the number of SKU's picked, the total # of items picked and the time per order, DIF - deliver in full, DOT - deliver on time shipments, DIFOT - deliver in full on time

    These types of reports will allow us to make better decisions within the warehouse. If you require more information regards to the above, I am more than happy to discuss

  • Hi Steven,

    With regards to Assigning warehouse pickers to SO, would you like to see all the users that are registered in the system in a dropdown where you would like to select the picker from? 


    DEAR Support Team

  • Hi DEAR Support Team

    Correct - all we are looking at is just a simple drop down box which the picker can select their name from in the pick stage.

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