Currency symbol for applicable columns on reports to clarify

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It would be very helpful to add a currency symbol for all applicable columns on all reports to clarify for users what the number represents.

In my experience, it is very common for people looking at the reports in DEAR to be confused as to what columns are counts and what columns are currency values.  

For example, for the Stock Level Report, users are often confused about the Stock On Hand column.  In most places in DEAR, "Stock On Hand" is a count.  But in the Stock Level Report, it is a total value of the stock of the given item.  Having the currency symbol in the column header and/or as a prefix or suffix for each value would help address this confusion.  Put the currency symbol in all other applicable columns for all reports.

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  • Hi 

    Thanks for you suggestion. We are dealing with multiple currencies at the moment and some reports don't allow customization for every currency. So we removed currency symbol to avoid confusion. 

    To resolve the issue you are facing we will review and rename columns to Quantity on Hand and Value On Hand accordingly where applicable.  


    DEAR Team

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