• We have some problem.

    The other problem with the Barcode field is that you can't search partial barcode numbers on Products or Availability page, it will only return the results if you search the full barcode.

    Dear's reasoning behind this is that there is a high margin for error with searching partial barcode numbers (esp if uneducated staff don't understand barcode methodology)

    Workaround: add Barcode as an Additional Attribute. It is a bit of pain because you have to run 2 sets of barcode records, however we have been doing this for over a year and it seems to work fine. Also it's pretty much a set & forget once you've set it up the first time - just export all products, copy barcode data to the Additional Attribute field, reimport.

    Now when you search a partial barcode, it will return the result based on the data in the Additional Attribute field.

    Hope it helps :)

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