Additional Attributes for Lot Number / Batch Number (example food safety)

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Hello DEAR programmers!! 

My suggestion for a new feature would be a very useful one to all food manufactures. I'm sure other industries as well will benefit for this feature.

Please consider adding an Option to add Additional Attributes for the Lot Number or Batch Number when purchasing and receiving. In the food manufacturing industry because of food safety it is important to document certain attributes of the raw ingredients being received. For example we need to record the temperature of the item, inspection details, country of origin and a few others. Part of our process is we record the manufacture and manufacture lot # and assign an internal lot # when received. The purpose of this is if we need to do a recall based on the manufacture lot #  it can be easily located. When switching to DEAR we don't have that ability. Thanks for your consideration. Hopefully others will find this useful.

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