Work with Piesync to add 2-way Sync on Customers and Suppliers to 50+ CRMs including Salesforce, Google Contacts, amoCRM, Hubspot

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I have investigated and tested numerous synchronization tools, Piesync is the only that always performed as expected and desired with the full two-way synchronization. I watch the company come into their own in the last few years and now offer synchronization to many many CRM systems including Salesforce (although many would want product sync to Salesforce also). Piesync will build to the integration, they just want cooperation from the tool provider. This would be a very low cost way to provide integrations to many many CRM systems with very little upfront investment or work and more importantly very little long-term maintenance if any at all because Piesync would maintain.


Please remind Serg, I'm the guy who provided detailed feedback and he implemented 27 of 28 of my recommendations. Probably my biggest recommendation was B2B Portal, and I see my comments are still what opened the ongoing dialogue more than five years later and has helped Dear grow. I don't make suggestions lightly.

  • I am wondering if you ever managed to get this to work with HubSpot? We are wanting to see a two way sync between HubSpot and DEAR

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