Auto SMART assign warehouse

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Apologies if this has been requested elsewhere, please let me know and I'll throw my vote into that thread....

Both for native created orders and also imported orders via the various integrations (eCom, ShipStation, etc), having a series of logic rules that would smartly allocate the order to the correct location is essential. Having all the orders assign to one location means our 'Available' quantity is constantly wrong on all locations. This makes the 'Available column for a given location worthless, unless someone goes through and manually updates each order's location.

Some basic criteria that would probably help 80-90% of users:

* Location based (zip code, or state/province). Ideally a "ship from closest" logic could be programmed, but in lieu of that at least a way to bulk import a list of zip codes, or states / provinces. 

* Stock based.

I'm sure different users have different needs, but being able to program a couple logic trees would be useful:

* Assign from closest warehouse that has enough inventory to completely fulfil order (do not split ship from two warehouses)

* Assign as much stock as available from closest warehouse, and remaining stock from next warehouse (split ship from multiple warehouses)

* Assign by SKU to warehouse, and only split if different SKU's on order are available at different warehouses (i.e., only split shipment if a given SKU can be completely fulfilled from one warehouse. So yes to multiple shipments, but not if it requires shipping one line item/SKU from multiple locations)

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